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  • This 2mn mini-release in english was done for a competition led by Røde. Vote for us !

    [dascritch] Hello and welcome to this special mini release en anglais. Hello Chris O'Brien

    [chris] Hello Dascritch.
    Today, let's talk about connectivity. When computers appeared in labs and companies in the 60s, we usually had a central server, a big mainframe taking control of dozens of dumb terminals. We had a hierarchical system.

    [dascritch] When personal computers appeared in the 70s, they functioned as standalone devices, but there was one big problem : how to exchange data between them ?

    [chris] you mean besides bringing diskettes to the post office and mailing them ? Fortunately, modems connected to phone lines appeared to let us link our family computers to new networks and other PCs. Starting from BBS Bulletin Board Systems, service providers such as AOL or Compuserve started to be interconnected, and then later ... the INTERNET !

    [dascritch] Today, we don't even think about it : computers and smartphones are built to access the internet even without wires. Access is everywhere.
    Let's break for an ad.

    [narrator] He is a web designer, under paid, under staffed, under pressure, under time,...

    [movie title] Scream if you know what i did last time internet was down.
    Now in theaters.

    [chris] Today, most applications need to chat with their server to work, from webpages to native programs.

    [dascritch] We have powerful smartphones, tablets and laptops, but most programs and apps don’t work without an internet connection. So, have we gone full circle and regressed back to dumb terminals ?

    It was CPU, releases en Français on thursday at cpu.pm.

    Production, editing, co-author : DaScritch
    co-author : Chris O'Brien
    Jingle voice talent : Marie Janote
    Music except : « Toco Toco » by 2080, used with permission
    Additional sound clips : « Static, Stylophone, A » by InspectorJ (CC-BY) and « Circuit Breaker 3 DP » by sribubba (CC-0)
    This mini-release was done with CPU's technical falicities, for the MyRødeCast competition
    Picture : Minitel prototype for the Greek market, by Bernard Marti CC-SA

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